Difference between Judge and Magistrate

Do you know the Difference between Judge and Magistrate?

Many of us do not know the difference between Judge and Magistrate & think that they refer to the same person.

If you are planning to give any government exam, this post will help you to understand the difference between Judge and Magistrate.

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Judges are the head of the Supreme court of India, High courts, and other subordinates courts.

Judge is a judicial officer and hears/decides matters relating to Law.

Judges have a comparatively much amount of power than Magistrate.

The judge hears severe and complex cases, and its jurisdiction is comparatively more significant as compared to the Magistrate. He/She has the right to pass a death sentence or life imprisonment.

Judge is appointed to the Supreme Court and the High Courts by the President of India from a list of names recommended by the collegium.

Difference between Judge and Magistrate

How many judges are there in Supreme Court?

There are currently 34 nos of sitting judges of the Supreme court of India, including the Chief Justice of India. 


A Magistrate is a civil officer & his/her jurisdiction is generally a city or district.

Magistrate handles the legal case as a Judge but does not have the same power as a Judge.

The magistrate has the power to put fines and imprisonment for a given period.

There are four categories of Magistrate in India.

  • A Chief Judicial Magistrate 
  • Judicial Magistrates First Class
  • Judicial Magistrates Second Class
  • Executive Magistrate

Chief Judicial Magistrate and Judicial Magistrate (First & Second class) appointed by the high courts and District Magistrate appointed by the Governor of state.

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