Digital Deepak Internship Program – 2019

Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch-1

Deepak Kanakaraju is a well-known name in digital marketing. In 2019 he started Digital Deepak Internship Program.

Who is Digital Deepak & Why I Join Digital Deepak Internship Program?

 He is an author and digital marketing consultant. His website name is, he lived in Bangalore, India. He is in the digital marketing industry since 2008. He wrote no blogs on digital marketing. He spends some years in well-known B2B & B2C startups (Exotel, Practo & Instamojo).

He is also a columnist on and YourStory.
I was following Deepak Kanakaraju since 2014. I watched 300+ videos on YouTube about digital marketing.

I registered myself on amazon & Flipkart as a seller in 2018. As an electrical engineer, this e-commerce field is totally different for me. For the promotion of my products, I start sending my product links to my friends and relatives through a Facebook group and WhatsApp groups.

But my customer reach is very limited by this method. So I plan to promote my product digitally.

What did I learn in class 1st of the digital marketing internship program by digital Deepak?

Digital Deepak Internship Program is a 12-week program (one class per week). Our class-1 started with the basic introduction of economics, marketing, an opportunity available in the digital marketing field & how to improve yourself?

This course is based on theory as well as practical application. The course is also given an opportunity to work on online projects based on performance.

The best thing in this course is that if any student submits the assignment within the predefined time period which is one week. He/she easily earns back.

One first day Deepak describes us about self-improvement in easy steps. These steps are given here for your better understanding.

1. Reading Books – Spend a minimum of 30 minutes in reading in your daily schedule. When we start reading our minds themselves create the images in our head which helps us to get new ideas and inspiration. The longer we read, the more concentrated we are.

2. Listening Podcast – Listening to Podcasts generates more images in our mind that the result listener pays more attention to. Podcasts are commercially free and cost nothing. Podcasts Listening gives a great value from unproductive time. It also improves listening skills.

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3. Writing skills – Writing helps in building structure that will allow us to express better and communicate in a more effective way. Every digital marketer needs to do a lot of writing. Sometimes we feel that too many tabs are open in our minds, but when we start writing these tabs start closing one by one.

4. Watching English sitcoms – if you want to become a master of the English language, then you have to spend some time watching sitcoms.

5. Niche Research – “Niche” is a marketing tactic. It is created by smart marketing techniques to understand the customer’s needs and what customers searching for. Many online tools are available for the same as Google Trends, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, and many more.

Some of the tools are free and some are paid. You have to do market research to find out the profitable niche. You can also monitor the competitor with the help of these tools to find out new ideas and changing your customer needs. This internship program is not only about learning Digital marketing, but this will also help you to apply the same concepts for yourself.

This Digital Deepak Internship Program program is a wonderful opportunity to explore digital marketing and take skills to the next level with a strategic plan for growth. This program will teach you about Digital Marketing but marketing itself also.

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