How to Improve Memory Power

How to Improve Memory Power : 11 Secrets you Should Know

How to Improve Memory Power & memory concentration?

We know that strong memory depends upon your health and brainpower. We, humans, are the unique species of GOD. Human brains have a fantastic ability to adapt to change, This brain ability is known as neuroplasticity. After much scientific research on the brain, it is discovered, that brain memory capacity is not limited & now scientists know, that How to Improve Memory Power.

Here we are telling you, “How to improve memory power?” in simple steps.

  1. Start something new
  2. Give a workout to your brain
  3. Eat a brain-Nutrition diet
  4. Don’t skip the 30-minute exercise, Identify health problems, and treat it properly. 
  5. Have a laugh
  6. Spend time with friends
  7. Take practical steps to improve memory  & support learning.
  8. Keep yourself busy
  9. Avoid bright screens before bed
  10. Eat less of these foods (sugar, processed foods, butter, red meat, fried foods, salt, cheese)
  11. Eat more of these foods (plant-based foods, especially green, leafy vegetables and berries, whole grains, legumes, nuts, chicken or turkey, olive oil or coconut oil, herbs and spices, fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines)

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