How to sell on Amazon in 2021 ? A Quick start Guide

How to sell on Amazon? or How to become a seller on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon is a great way to earn money part-time or full-time. By selling on Amazon your product will reach millions of potential buyers across the globe. So today we will learn about, How to sell on Amazon?

No matter your items are small or big, These online shopping platforms provide you to necessary tools and guide you to sell online successfully.

Specially selling on Amazon is a simple process. You need to follow the following steps to start selling on Amazon. So let’s know How to sell on Amazon.

Step-1. Register yourself on Amazon as a Seller 

To become a seller on Amazon, you need to enter your GST number, PAN number & your bank account number on your Amazon seller account.

sell_on_amazonAfter successful registration, your seller central window will open. This seller central portal is one stop for all your selling needs.

**( If you do not have GST, you need to apply for GST at any nearest Chartered Accountant  CA).

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Step-2. How to Upload your products on the Amazon seller panel?

After successful registration as a seller on Amazon, the next step is listing your products.

On Seller Central, you will find an easy-to-use listing tool for product listing. You can list your product through this tool or manually.

If you have been facing problems during listing or product photography, then you can hire third-party professionals for these services.

Professionals for third-party services you can hire from Amazon, Facebook groups, or any other freelancing websites. Now 50% of your work is done for How to sell on Amazon

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Step-3. How customer will see and buy your products?

After successful product listing, your products start to appear in the search result of Amazon. If a customer is satisfied with your product, they will give you an order.

If you want to advertise your product, then Amazon advertises your product on the 1st page of the search result. For this, you have to pay advertising fees.

Step-4. How can you deliver the product to the customer?

Whenever an order has been placed for one of your products, Amazon will notify you by email or message on your registered mobile number & Email Id.

This order detail will also show on your seller central panel. After accepting this order you need to pack & despatch the product within the predefined timeline of Amazon. Normally it is 24 to 48 hours.

There are two options available for delivery.

  1. Easy ship – Order packing under seller & Delivery is under Amazon
  2. FBA – Order packing & Delivery both are under Amazon

Step-5. How can you deliver the product to the customer?

Your sales payment will deposit in your registered account number every 7 days after deducting the Amazon seller fees. This will also reflect on the Amazon seller central portal.

Wrap Up

I hope you understand the procedure of How to sell on Amazon. If you have any queries, you can comment to us below. I will reply to your comment.

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4 thoughts on “How to sell on Amazon in 2021 ? A Quick start Guide”

  1. How much is the Amazon seller fee generally??
    And if it is easy ship option then who will provide us the Amazon specific packing material?

  2. Amazon seller fees depend upon your product category. Amazon packing material you have to buy yourself from a local supplier or buy from amazon panel.

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